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2019 Date - TBD

Executive Board Meeting

All members are welcome to attend. The 2nd Thursday each month at 0700 hours at Crossroads Restaurant. Contact Len Gratteri at 326-7010 or any executive board member to confirm the date/time/location and intention to attend.

Minutes of each meeting may be requested by any current member. Contact Wendy Callaway by email at or 326-7275 for copies. 

Annual Business Meeting

Legislative Events 

Legislative Hall, Dover, DE - TBD

Legislative visit to NGAUS - TBD


NGEDA Conference - January, 2019 - Denver, CO

NGAUS General Conference - August 31 - September 2, 2019 - Denver, CO 

NGAUS General Conference - August 28-31, 2020 - Boston, MA 

NGAUS General Conference - September 9-12, 2021 - Charlotte, NC

NGAUS Fellows Program

Application Process Closed

Social Events

Golf Outing May 6, 2019