Committees are a great way to further your participation in NGADE without having to be elected to the Executive Council. Committee members are needed for the following:

  • ​Membership - help get others to join
  • Resolutions - play a big role during annual conference
  • Events - make annual membership better
  • Awards - who doesn't love plaques?
  • Legislative Affairs - get involved informing and advising state legislature

​Constitution of NGADE:

The organizations governing document can be found here.

What has NGADE done for me?

  • State Tuition Assistance - state pays for undergraduate degrees for Guardsmen; recently updated program will now pay for graduate degrees and mandates in-state tuition rates for all Delaware Guardsmen enrolled in state colleges.
  • Tricare Health Insurance - Traditional Guardsmen can purchase amazingly affordable health and dental insurance coverage for themselves and their families.
  • State Sponsored Life Insurance - members can a buy very cost-effective life insurance policy that still covers them in war, terrorist attacks, and other situations most policies do not cover.​

Executive Council

As of May 4, 2018

Jon Marsh
Executive DirectorLen
Vice President ArmyJoe Yawn
Vice President AirBrad Sams
SecretaryWendy Callaway
TreasurerDavid Rice
Rep. at Large:

     Troop CommandDan MacLeish
     JFHQVal Miller
     261stDustin Mistrot
      Warrant Officers
Tim Layton
     Air GuardBernie
Company Grade: 

Kristina Jordan
Joel Steinbrunner
Retired Rep. Army
John Dill
Retired Rep. Air
Dennis Hunsicker

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